The SBDC offers prospective and existing business owners a variety of courses and trainings, in many formats. When you understand the world of entrepreneurship you can apply that knowledge directly to your businesses. No, the world of entrepreneurship does not come with heavy, acronymic language. That’s just how we talk. We know.

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Market Research

In this training pathway, business owners work with experts to outline:

  • Their current business model
  • What products are being offered
  • Identifying customers (the target market) for those products
  • How to reach their target markets

Going through this process will help businesses be more competitive and bring their products to the appropriate markets and consumers.

Reach Your Target Market  

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Childcare Providers

If you’re in the business of taking care of children, this program is for you. Our childcare series is designed to help providers improve business practices by better serving customers, which leads to improved business sustainability. All are welcome, no experience necessary.
Child care providers can earn professional development hours through the Professional Development Information System (PDIS) and points toward their QRIS framework by attending all included training sessions. Training and consultation are available at no cost through a partnership between the Colorado Department of Early Childhood (CDEC) and the Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT) as well as funding from the Colorado Shines Brighter – Preschool Development Grant.

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Access to Capital

This program is for existing small businesses. It is designed to help you identify your capital, or funding, needs, assess the health of your business, and prepare for a loan application. The training will focus on financial business practices such as accounting, taxation, profit and loss, cash flow, and other financial topics.

Get Access to Capital  

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Leading Edge

LEADING EDGE™ delivers comprehensive training to small businesses through courses that help both startup and existing businesses in the areas of finance, marketing, management and more. While a typical LEADING EDGE™ series meets once a week over 10-15 weeks, the series may differ in format between SBDC centers. Examples include a five-day intensive bootcamp or a nine-month extended coaching program. All LEADING EDGE™ courses involve approximately 36 hours of intensive training facilitated by state-certified instructors.

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Tech Source

Tech Source is a multilayered program designed for tech companies as well as cybersecurity and risk management education for all businesses. The program is broken down into two distinct subprograms – Commercialization and Cyber Cover Your Assets (CYA).

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Connect2DOT is a partnership between the Colorado SBDC Network and the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT). The program is designed to help small businesses in the transportation industry become more competitive and successful in bidding and contracting with CDOT and other local transportation agencies.

Connect2DOT provides online resources and events tailored to construction contractors and professional design, architecture and engineering firms. Whether you’re just starting your business and want to explore opportunities with CDOT, or you’re an experienced subcontractor looking to grow and expand your business, Connect2DOT has the expertise and resources to help you.


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Government Contracting

This course is designed to help business owners secure contracts with government agencies. Government contracting programs include Connect2DOT, PTAC/APEX Accelerator, Advance Colorado Procurement Expo and more. No matter the size or stage of your business, government contracts are available to secure and this course will teach you how to do so.

Secure Contracts  

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Digital Marketing and Online Presence

This training pathway will educate small business owners about the importance of having an online presence while explaining the fundamentals of a digital marketing strategy to reach target audiences.

During this nine-week program, business owners will: 

  • Learn how to establish an online presence and the value of different social media channels
  • Attend three no-cost consultation sessions
  • Learn how to give your business a competitive edge by reviewing best practices to increase website traffic and improve user experience
  • Learn how to implement specific tips to develop your e-commerce site

Expand Your Online Presence